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Research has shown that having a water feature in a garden or indoor can soothe the nerves and relax the body and mind. When the water feature is outdoor, it helps to attract local wildlife and avian life, transforming your garden into your personal observatory where you can see nature at its best. If this attracts you, get in touch with Diamond Leaf Landscape Dubai right away. We are specialists in water feature design and construction.

Why Add a Water Feature?

In Dubai’s desert climate, having a water feature in your garden will help to keep the surroundings of your home cooler. It also provides a source of water to birds, bees and other creatures, so that they make your garden their home. The gentle sound of the water flowing can refresh and rejuvenate you after a tiring day at work. The water feature also helps to keep the surrounding plants lush and green.

TA water feature makes your outdoor living space more refreshing and energizing. It helps you create an oasis, where you can rest and relax with family and friends.

Why Choose Us?

At Diamond Leaf Landscape Dubai, we provide you different options for a water feature. Our landscape architects and engineers will understand your needs and desires, and accordingly come up with a fabulous water feature design. We have the expertise to design and construct a water feature for your garden or indoor living space.

Most of our clients prefer having a water feature in their garden or backyard and the preferred choice is a water fountain. We provide you with different design options, including classic water fountain and futuristic or contemporary designs. We make sure that whichever design you choose, it is in complete harmony with the theme and décor of your garden.

We also have the expertise to design and construct waterfalls. We can create Oriental-type waterfall, step-style falls, or wall-style waterfall, depending on your taste, preferences and desire. Each type of waterfall is unique and can have a profound effect on your garden. Our expertise will give you the pros and cons of each type of water fall, so that you can make an informed decision.

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