Landscape Engineer

Landscape Engineer


Landscaping is an art and science. It is the perfect blend of the two and ensures people enjoy spectacular surroundings that soothe the mind, relax the body and rejuvenate the senses. At Diamond Leaf Landscape Dubai, we have mastered the art and science behind landscape.

As a leading landscape engineer, Diamond Leaf Landscape Dubai carefully studies the topography of the land and then creates landscape structures and decorative elements that are in complete harmony with the surroundings and the neighbouring structures, if any.

Why Choose Diamond Leaf Landscape Dubai?

We have years of experience in using maths and science to shape the land and waterscapes that you may require on your property to enhance its appeal and make the surrounding more functional.

We analyze the site carefully and then create blueprints with our landscape architects to show you the design that we have created. Once we get the go-ahead from you, we begin work in earnest. We ensure that land is shaped in accordance with the building and zone rules in your area and the waterscapes, including irrigation systems, blend with the shape and design of the landscape.

By the time we finish, the surroundings will be transformed into a work of art with a lot of science and maths thrown into it! However, the science and maths will not be visible as you and other onlookers will focus just on the aesthetic beauty we have created.

As a leading landscape engineer in Dubai, we ensure we never disappoint our clients. We work with commercial and residential clients and have successfully completed numerous projects. We would be more than happy to demonstrate our expertise and abilities by giving you a glimpse into our completed projects.

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When you need a major overhaul of the landscape and you want to integrate water elements or have an irrigation system in place, you need a landscape engineer who will conduct a feasibility study and then come up with the perfect plan to bring your ideas to life. Diamond Leaf Landscape Dubai is the right choice for this purpose. Get in touch with us right away and we would be happy to provide a no-obligation consultation.

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